Blank Check

Hello cryptic friends!  I'm super excited to share with you another amazing collaboration, this time with Pixlate, an Australian setter who has made some really remarkable varieties.  

In pix I've been really delighted to find a peer with a similar sensibility to mine.  We both prefer way overchecked barred grids, and both prefer every three-letter word in such to be fully checked.  I've been attempting to get one of these asymmetric barred grids to have every entry 2/3 checked, and with Pix's help I'm really happy to finally have one on the blog.  (Feel free to go back through my older grids and find the ONE aggravatingly just-less-than-2/3 checked word in each...)

The puzzle is called "Blank Check."  I sometimes do puzzles without reading the instructions--if you're such a solver as well, this isn't a good puzzle for that.  (The instructions are no help at all, feel free to read away.)

We really hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Skald and Agnijo Bannerjee for the test solve, and to Skald for clue assistance!

Fullscreen link


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